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About worktable

About worktable

If the mess on the table means mess in the head, then what does the empty table means 

Albert Einstein 

Each family member must have a favorite place at home, for someone it is a kitchen, for someone it is a bedroom, but still it is a working area that usually tells the most of your personality!

Muses and creative ideas soar here, stickers with “not forget to do or visit” information and favorite photos are hanging here, technical equipment also there with handicrafts and so on, and all this usually must  fit into several sq.m., but how huge flow of ideas can be “pushed in the box” rationally, without compromising space and creative input?

Rule №1

1) In small spaces try to select and use light colors and lightweight, weightless constructions in maximum



2) Choose advantageous location! If squaring does not allow making it in a big way, you can install worktable on the balcony, and by means of window sill, and even in a cupboard or in a pantry - it will also look creatively and will not "bite off" small space, that you have. 

3) Pick your storage system in accordance with the room!

4) Find a place on the wall where you can hang a "Smart" board (cork, fabric, magnetic on which you can write - so your thoughts will no longer be scattered in different corners)


5) If you want to place a poster or picture, then fen shui recommend those pictures, on which sight goes  afar, it is very useful for eyes relaxing

6) Be sure to take care of good lighting (we are highly recommend to buy a fluorescent lamp (if it is possible to illuminate the worktable separately), ideally set the worktable near the window!

7) It’s great , if you can have the whole room for working area, if not, make sure of functional zoning, block off work area with a rack, cupboard  or a simple curtain

8) Try to use the space as much as possible (hangers and hooks on the side of the furniture, drawers for storage under the table, and so on) but at the same time adhering to a certain style, so it is important to determine initially the colors and their combinations.

We arrive to the object; make accurate measurements of room with all geometrical dimensions.  We study the cost sheet, if it is prepared commercial request.

We prepare for you commercial offer/ cost sheet, taking into account all your wishes on materials, floor coverings, will consult you in color scale and combinations.

We also discuss the terms of the contract, timeframe, payment, conditions of work and are happy to proceed to the execution of your task!

We make delivery and acceptance of the finished work! We carry out final settlement! And look forward to your new ideas and suggestions!)

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