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From where to start the renovation?

From where to start the renovation?

You are about to make renovation? There are so many ideas, but the space is not enough? You absolutely don’t know from where to start? Don’t worry- there is a small selection of videos and visual files that will help you not only to get into basics of interior design, but also in finding of inspiration and ideas that will suit you!

Video lessons from ВВС - here you will be told in just a few lessons on how to influence the size and proportions of  room with light and color, what the human eye perceives primarily, and how with the help of this a small space can be increased and vice versa. You will also learn how to select the wallpaper, texture, understand how the order is important and how to use the interior to express and emphasize your individuality.

Here is the link to a group where you will find maximum ideas for interior design for very small accommodations (just from 20 square meters). Do not believe us? Than you must visit this http://interiorsroom.ru/category/apartments/ ,


You want not only “cheer up” with visual forms, but also learn useful information? Here are some links on useful resources: interiorrules 



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