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Our small and cute story

Our small and cute story

Welcome to our blog!

It is a third country for us, where we open representative office of our company (another two functioning successfully in Germany and Russian federation)!  That’s why at this time we want to initially get to know you closer and tell our small story that reminds a little bit a fairytale, but indeed real!

Once upon a time there was a boy, who loved so much to draw and create something with his own hands; especially he liked making crafts of wood. Later this hobby has grown into a first attempt to create a chair, a table, which were now not only interesting trinkets, but also performed quite clear function. He grew up, learned on a carpenter,  then designer and architect profession, has found, as at that time it seemed, dream job in a successful German company and now with his skills he could bring joy and benefit others ...

But one man will never be able to do as much as it could do a whole team of well-trained people, and he set a goal to himself to gather his team of experts!

It has been said that thoughts are things - and in our situation very quickly founders appeared, who needed a handyman – responsible and with knowledge of Russian language, to open representative office of German company GmbH "Artline-interieur" in Moscow ...

Now, the same representative office opened in the wonderful city of New York, and we place great expectations on it! But now we have 10 times more experience, and with manufacturing nearby, we team up with professionals for whom work - is a pleasure and joy! Maybe we are on the same way? If so please send your CV to the address: artline_interioir@yahoo.com




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