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1.Our own manufacturing facilities allow us to produce extremely high-quality furniture, to use materials that meet all your expectations, taking into account individual needs, to produce made-to-order furniture. And most importantly, we are able not only to listen you, but also to hear you.

2.We perform works of any complexity, always with a heart for both private and commercial needs:

*finishing works,

* disassembling/ assembling of furniture and office and retail equipment,

* floor covering,

* installation of acoustic and decorative panels,

*disassembling of old and assembling of new doors, not only conventional interior doors, but also doors for special purposes, fire-resistant, smoke-resistant, water-resistant, etc.)

3. We guarantee a perfect construction, installation of furniture and equipment and the perfect cleaning of the working area after our work.

4. We want that your grandchildren also cooperate with us- we poised for long-term relationships.

 We provide a guarantee for the work, as well as "After sale service".

5. We work 24/7 days a week, at night time and on holidays, so if necessary- feel free to contact us if your facility delivery date is scheduled "for yesterday."

6. We will gladly accept requests for assignment and wide geographic (at the moment we performed works in Germany, CIS, USA, etc.) We are glad to expand our horizons.

7. There is a discount system for the regular customers.

8. We are willing to undertake the most difficult tasks - if necessary, we engage our partners, if the request is beyond the scope of our competence.

9. Come and meet us, we will be very happy to know you; we always have a freshly brewed coffee, and a time to hear your wishes.

Please request a phone call or contact our Manager and we will do our best to make you satisfied with the result
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